The Gamerlife blog was started by me Nick or Gamertag Number 01 on XBL  in the Summer of 2006. I created this blog to express life as a gamer in a way in which I see it and hopefully also it shows everyone else information about gamers who play online and gamers in general. I have been a gamer since the 8-bit Nintendo which was my first system and can still remember trying to pop that try down like a toaster and blowing in the cartridge to see if it works. I did game focus groups at Nintendo when I was younger for a few years and then later I also had the opportunity to work for Xbox as a beta/hardware tester.  I am not really a fanboy of any particular system and truly believe in the spirit of gaming and how each system has its only set of unique features which make it a value to discuss. I hope by reading my blog you sense the passion that comes from being a true gamer.


One Response to “About”

  1. blah Says:

    im not sure if its you or not but i have this .flv file on my comp from a saved youtube vid that says “The Gamerlife Blog Presents – Gears of War Glitches The Chainsaw Superjump” if this was you what was the song you had in it (if you can rember) if not sorry and ignore this


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